Tell your ally friends to pull up and support black owned businesses this Juneteenth if they really want to contribute to a cause. Since I’m a Taurus, and we’re known for loving food, what better way to celebrate than to talk about…food?

This months blog posts have been all about #SelfReflection. From dating yourself, to catching good vibes and good food at black owned restaurants…solo. With outside ebing open, businesses are starting to open back up too! So, check out these 6 Black Owned Restaurants to Try Solo in Detroit. Plus the food and vibes are so good, you’re going to want to savor every bite…every moment… to yourself.

Sweet Potato Sensations, Detroit, MI

First of all, shoutout to my good’t sis Espy and her crew at SPS (Alafia!) It’s nothing but, love, good vibes, and d*mn good food when I go to SPS. From the sweet potato pancakes and grits, to the array of desserts that all tastes good, the food is great.

When I went last August, I took my grandmother for brunch for her birthday. I can’t remember which day it was, but the theme was Karaoke and Cake. I sung some Boyz II Men for my granny and got some FREE cake. It was a great day and overall the food and customer service is always good.

Detroit vegan soul Detroit, MI

Fun fact: every time I go to DVS either west or east location, I get the same thing; Tofu Catfish Platter. It comes with Tofu catfish nuggets, red potatoes, hush puppies, and mixed veggies. They have a special menu where they make certain things after 4:00 p.m. only. My favorite thing to get off that menu is the broccoli tempura with the sweet sauce. If I’m ballin’, I’ll grab a smoothie. I’ve tried them all, but the berry is my favorite! At this time only their West location is open and taking order during covid-19 with limited menu food options.

 Good Cakes and Bakes, Detroit, MI

For dessert, I totally recommend them. They have a variety of affordable treats! From cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, they have it all! This past winter, I visited their booth at Campus Martius and got vegan red velvet cake in a jar.! If ya’ll read my latest blog post Black Girl Solo Traveler you can guess by now I love me some Red Velvet Cake. Not only was it only $7, but I couldn’t eat it in just one setting! I got much more than what I paid for and was able to eat guilt free. Plus I didn’t feel heavy or like I had eaten too much sugar, so that’s a definite bonus to me.

Spoonfulls Soul Food Belleville, MI

In February, I made it a point to try a new restaurant that was black owned for black history month. So, I picked my mom up for a mom and daughter day, and checked out the place. Let me just say that I never knew that chicken tenders out of all the ones I’ve tasted could taste sooo good fried. They way they did it, I’d never had them like that before. The chicken tender dinner came with two sides: I chose candied yams and onion rings. What stuck out to me were the yams. Candied to perfection, and I could only compare them to my grandma yams…and (they taste about the same lol)

Lana’s Bake Shop Southfield, MI

Another dessert shop I recommend would be Lana’s bake shop. I’ve only been to their Detroit Location (Inside of Bucharest Grill on E Jefferson) and I have had their bomb strawberry cheesecake and pound cake! So yummy and not heavy. Each time I’ve been customer service has always been great too, with recommendations and answering any questions I may have had!

Narrow Way Cafe Detroit, MI

A month before ms.corona made her debut in march, I visted this cafe for the first time in February to start on my vision board and finish writing my business plan. I didn’t get anything to eat, but I did have about 4 or 5 cups of chamomile tea mixed with something the owner recommended. I enjoyed the good vibes, customer service, free wi-fi, and great chamomile tea!

Although they aren’t open right now due to covid, I had to add this business to this list because I can’t wait to go back once they open. This cafe is a good 25 minutes away from me, but I enjoyed the space as if it was my office (I’m usually always at Panera Bread otherwise) 

P.s. Some places listed here may be impacted by covid-19. Contact them for further information on how you can place an order and/or support their business.

Would you try any of these restaurants? What black owned businesses are you supporting this month? #BeUnspoken in the comments!

With love,