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7 Ways to Protect Your Energy Sis

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“They tryna keep me sleep and dumb, ‘Cause that’s what’s comfortable. Catching zzz’s while their alchemy eating pupils closed…“ OSHUN – Stay Woke I am not 100% sure who “they” is (if you know lmk 😉 but I’m gonna bet it’s someone and something that creates systems to oppress black and brown folks. With constant […]

25 Acts of Self-care

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For my 25th birthday, a blogher friend of mine gave me the idea to share 25 of my favorite self-care acts on my social media platforms live! So, I did and received great feedback and questions. I thought I’d also post it on my blog as well for those who may have not been able […]

Why I Started Blogging

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The clock was going to strike midnight soon, making it a new day and a new year. Jan 1, 2014, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a small party at my house, with a few close friends, food, and the newly debuted drink CÎROC Amaretto. Some friends had come and gone for […]

Healing From Womb Trauma

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When I started “The Woman Unspoken” back in Jan 2014, I had no intentions of writing poetry or publishing a memoir. I literally only wanted to share my story to inspire and encourage black women and girls. I would post frequently on my old twitter accounts, sharing personal inspirational quotes. Then, I published my first […]