Them: You look cute! Where are you dressed up to go?

Me: The Living Room

Hopefully, this will be my last time mentioning coronas funky a** in one of my blog posts. She’s been getting too much free promo! Since we’re about shut down again possibly, you’re going to need something fun to do. Check out these 12 Fun (and affordable) Quarantine Ideas. You can do these solo, with friends or family.

1. Virtual Game Night

Jeopardy or Taboo are free online games. You can use Google Meet or Zoom to share your screens. You can spice these online games up any way you’d like to make it more Adult friendly.

2. Virtual Movie Night

The tricky thing with watching movies and sharing your screen of Netflix or Hulu is the sound. If you’re using Google Chrome, make sure you allow sound to be played through your browser.

3. DIY Skin Care Products

Check out this simple recipe for a DIY Sugar Scrub. You can also check out Youtube for literally anything you want to create.

4. DIY Crafting

Instead of buying of $60 sunburst flower crown, I spent about $10 to make it myself. I ended up not needing to use it, but I do know how to make one if need be. I also am going to start back making waistbeads and selling them. I’m sharing these crafting ideas just in case you find yourself inspired.

5. Virtual Sister Circle

What’s something that’s been on your mind or heart that you haven’t been able to truly discuss? Perhaps hosting a “Girl Talk” with a specific topic to lead it off. To make it more private or confidential try hosting it using one of the conferencing apps mentioned above.

6. Try a New Dish

Pinterest is the go-to for recipes especially new ones lol. Keep it simple and budget friendly and try a new dish with (or without) friends, family, or ya boo virtually.

7. Host a Dance Party (Turn up!)

Who said getting dressed to go to the living room was “doing too much?”

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and host a virtual dance party. remember to put “I don’t own rights to this music” in your caption

8. Freshen up your Surroundings

Chile when is the last time you cleaned your room, car, office, spaces that you dwell in often? They say our spaces are reflections of our minds. So, throw out old clothes, papers, and things that you don’t need.

9. Grow a Plant

You don’t even need seeds for this one. You can grown celery, lettuce, and I’m sure many more plants with just a cup of water. I’ve tried it before with celery and it actually worked! (sorry I don’t have any pictures of my own, but here’s a link of how to get started)

10. Have a Photoshoot

Create a flower wall or buy some cute fabric as a backdrop. Keep it simple keep it cute, and keep a budget. m your local dollar tree or ACE hardware

11. Virtual Vision Board Party

This is a good time to do your vision board or host a party. It doesn’t have to be perfect planning, just check out my latest post Healed Girl Summer for more details

12. Catch up on Sleep

Make a commitment to have a sleep routine every night..

What are some fun things you’ve done during quarantine?

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