”Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.” 

– Oprah Winfrey

Hopefully, you were able to get all ya “hot girl summer” urges out last summer cause the way this summer is about to be set up sis…I’ono know how much fun twerking 6ft apart in the club with a mask on would be.

Since these new guidelines got us all ready to gtf asap, I tried planning a day trip with my good’t sis and had to consider soo many travel restrictions due to COVID-19. It was honestly exhausting! I also wanted to go someplace where black folks would be welcomed or at least have a few black owned businesses around.

Furthermore, I don’t watch the news, but am on social media…a lot (imo). Sometimes scrolling aimlessly through so many “thoughts” and triggering images gets my emotions on a rollercoaster ride. I try my best to respond before reacting. Not allowing myself to internalize things that were purposefully shared on social media to invoke negative emotions. Especially when it’s psychological or spiritual warfare. *sighs*  I do a great deal of numbing, distracting, and avoiding. But in my attempt at healing, I do a lot of journaling, ancestral work, and really just trying to find what tools are working best for me on my healing journey. I think we all deserve to have an enjoyable summer despite the current racial tensions and uncertainty of this pandemic. So with that said, I’ve come up with 5 Things to Do to Have a Healed Girl Summer in 2020.

1. Support who supports you

This is your time to spend your energy where it is valued and returned. If you have any issues with people or strained relationships, instead of beating a dead horse, turn that energy inward or to people who are supportive of you. 

Also think of finding new ways to support people or causes at this time.

Personally, I have spent way too much time trying to work my out differences with people who don’t see an issue(s) to begin with. These experiences have definitely caused me to have some trust issues and spend more time alone, than trusting new healthy experiences. But nevertheless, I’m working through it now, because I was always worthy of healthy relationships. So, with the little energy, I have left, I decided to find a way to reclaim my independence for a little while because…

I’ve reached a beautiful head space in my life where I’m not reconciling, rehashing, or forcing shit. If there was a miscommunication, misunderstanding, or we just stopped talking and didn’t fix it, then…  Spirit don’t make no mistakes.” – (A status I made on Facebook Feb 2019)

2. Create a Vision Board

Don’t worry about if you don’t have a clear vision or thought, or don’t know what to put on your vision board. Have your intentions set, “I’m creating a vision board to manifest/create the reality of…” and find images that represent your images. Keep it practical and realistic.  You can use printing or line paper if you don’t have construction, tape if you have no glue, and images from magazines. You can find magazines for free at places that have waiting areas, car shops, and more! You can just ask them for a magazine they may let you have a few. 

3. Read a New Book/Join a Book Club 

I told myself that I’d read a new book each month starting in February. So, I started What a Time to Be Alone” by The Slumflower and thankfully was able to finish. Unfortunately, due to the onset of the crisis, that “challenge” went straight out the window and I haven’t picked up a new book since. Two Facebook friends of mine have book clubs on Facebook: Book’d and Empowered Women Collective-All Things Bold. You may also be able to find a virtual meet-up group on the Meetup app, or maybe create a book club group yourself.

4. Turn a Nickel into a Dime

What’s that idea you’ve been sitting on? A hobby or an interest you have that can create some extra income? Research, statistics, and an unwillingness to work for money, but make it work for you say that most wealthy people have multiple streams of income. Whether it’s earned or passive, there are so many ways to make money…work for you. Did you know you could turn your receipts into money? Start by trying Ibotta or Swagbucks. I’m not sure about Swagbucks, but I know for sure you get $20 just for signing up for Ibotta!

Even if you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored, find a way to start building a healthier relationship with your money. Especially if you’ve been spending a lot more lately than you’ve been making

(It’s cool sis, this pandemic got us all in a “f*ck it, minus well” or “what’s next” attitude)

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Most of our comfort zones have been the bed, couch, in front of a tv, or our phones. Get👏🏼out👏🏼of👏🏼it👏🏼 I’m not saying work yourself from home or front lines into the ground or start hella businesses, I say this unto you as I’m literally talking to myself, “life is too short to just watch it through someone else’s eyes; go create positive memories” Positive experiences do well on the brain. It helps to reprogram years of core beliefs associated self-doubt, and other deeply rooted issues that I’m not going to get into here…well not yet. Find virtual meetups, try a virtual experience on Airbnb, do yoga or meditate for 10 minutes first thing in the morning, or finish that project you stopped for whatever reason.

Having a healed girl summer is about giving yourself a chance to show up as the Wombman who has done the inner healing work. Being at peace with old habits, people, and things that no longer serve you in this space you are presently in; spiritually, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Making the best out of a situation that may not be so great. However, in the midst of a pandemic, riots, warfare coming from everywhere, and of course more, sis you are still breathing. still black. still magical.

“Simply existing is an self-care act of being.” – Unknown

(read that last quote as many times as you need to for it to really…click)

What does your Healed Girl Summer look like? #BeUnspoken in the comments below!

From one healed girl to another… with love,