The moon moves slowly, but it crosses the town – African Proverb

So you’re starting to tap into ya spiritual gifts some more huh? Ok! I see you goddess. With this Full Moon in Taurus energy, this is a great time to manifest what you want. You’ll also strengthen your spiritual gifts. Especially since it’s practically Halloween, that harvest and ancestral energy will be very high. How so, you ask? If you haven’t noticed, the cycle of the moon is the same period as a woman’s menstrual cycle, 28 days. The moon also affects the tides of the waters, oceans, and rivers. Also, in ancient texts of different spiritual religions, Moon (Luna) is symbolic of illuminating your dreams. This is physically and figuratively. Yoruba deity, Yemoja (or Yemaya in Lucumi traditions), is synchronized with the Moon as well.

There is so much more to expand upon the healing properties and mysticism of the moon. For the sake of this blog though, I’m going to keep it pretty short and sweet. So let’s talk about those 4 simple full moon rituals to manifest what you want.

1. Pray over your drinking water

The night of the full moon, dress in white or light colors and wrap your head (crown). Get a fresh glass of cool water and underneath the moon, pray over your water what you want. When you’re done, drink it. If you feel inclined to, you can do this outside or indoors.

When you speak positively over your water you shift the vibration of its molecules. When you drink it, that positive vibration is now flowing in you. With that, you’re aligning yourself with your manifestation.

2. Write it down

When you wake up and just before bed, write what you want to manifest 7 times. You may even do this 7 days before the full moon. For example:

“I want divine guidance on how to step into my personal power and be more of my authentic self”

You’d write that 7 times. To add some other earth elements to your written spells, consider burning a white candle. You can place the candle on top of your paper (tealight is fine) while it burns. I mention the number 7 because 7 is a very spiritual number. It embodies spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and divine benevolence.

3. Saw things I imagined

Visualization manifestation is simply daydreaming but about exactly what you want. As someone who daydreams often, I spend a lot of time (imo) thinking of the things I see for myself. Now I’ll be honest and say I haven’t been doing that as of lately because of personal issues. Been in my feelings, so I haven’t been exercising my visualization skills. I mention this because sometimes manifesting what you want can be a challenge. If you’re feeling “blocked” or “imbalanced” it may take more work or consideration to make it so. Also if it’s not in alignment with your destiny *shruggs* So definitely keep that in mind.

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4. Time travel

If you had what you were manifesting right now, what would that look or feel like? If it’s a new home, car, or something immaterial, act or speak as if you already have it. You can even go as far as saying affirmations of gratitude as if you already have the thing. Example:

“I am grateful that I was approved for my new _______ ” or “I’m so grateful that _______ happened for me.”

Try this just before bed and a few days prior to the full moon.

These simple manifestation tips can be utilized together for long-term manifesting too. You can start at the new moon as it goes into waxing gibbous. This will help you utilize the fullness of the moons’ manifesting power. Also, feel free to implement your spiritual tools. Strengthen your communication with the divine feminine energy of the moon and your spiritual team at your discretion.

Will you be trying some of these tips? Let me know what your full moon ritual plans are in the comments!

Happy Manifesting Goddess,