“Go figure, you were the trigger. You brought me to an obstructed view, when you knew the picture was bigger…”

Jhene Aiko – Triggered (freestyle)

You know when someone just irritates your spirit, but for whatever reason you still have to deal with them? Even if they do, indeed, have you f*cked up, you still need to protect your peace.

So, I’ve come up with 7 ways you can protect yourself from energy vampires, negative people, and just negative energy in general.

1. Meditation

How often do you rest your mind? It’s always on the go, just like you isn’t it? while I live for a day of productivity myself, we have to give ourselves time to digest what we’ve learned and filter whatever information isn’t useful. This can be done by simply taking 10-15minutes to still yourself with some meditation. One of my fave meditation songs is Jhene Aiko’s Trigger Protection Mantra.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

2. Go Smudge yourself

The indigenous people of this land (Native Americans) used various herbs to cleanse, heal, restore, renew, and destroy. If you paid yourself any attention throughout the day you’d know if you needed to sage or smudge yourself at the end of the day for those reasons (and more of course) listed. If you are able to, keep a mini lighter on you some wildflowers or a small bundle of herbs used for smudging; lavender rose, juniper *I love juniper* white sage and my newest experience, Palo Santo. The lovely usage of Palo Santo allows you to write on it. So as you burn it, your message is reaffirmed as you trust yourself to open up the cleansing and renewal of your mind for protection. Residing in North America (Amerikkka) allows us the opportunity to gather fresh & wild herbs that we need at our discretion. (Reclaim your land sis).

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3. Florida Water

Have you ever seen a bottle that says “Florida Water” in a family member’s house? A clear or colorful bottle with herbs or a distinct citrus or fruity smell? Welp, that is not just perfume, but good ol’ Flower water. Florida water can be used for a multitude of things such as cleansing, consecration, and of course protection. There many different ingredients to use in your mix, but people usually use what the mix will be used for. You can find a bottle at your local Mexicano Mercado, “off-brand” dollar store( dollar castle, dollar treasure), or get it the next day using Amazon Prime and my promo code here.

Even Solange knew what was up at the Met Gala event and she made a song about it.

4. Change your diet

If you’ve been turning up all hot girl summer, eating Popeyes chicken sammiches, and drinking all the liquor, then sis…you prolly need to change your diet…*Tokyo Toni Voice* ASAP, after this sh*t! 

Foods that are enriched with unnatural chemicals, fats, oils, and sugars can harm you wholistically. The heavier you eat, the heavier you’ll feel. Yet, the lighter you eat… you know the rest. Too much meat or carbonated drinks contribute to acne, hormonal imbalances, and more. It also doesn’t allow for proper circulation in the body which can lead to other illnesses. 

Trying a detox, cleanse, or a diet that is rich with raw fruits and vegetables can help you clear your mind and body of diseases or sickness that might be negatively affecting you. And of course, it’ll help protect your energy from too many unnatural frequencies that we encounter daily as well. 

5. Set healthy boundaries 

Yes sis, I know you don’t want to hurt their feelings so you don’t tell them “no.”

I know you are feeling guilty because you want to take time for yourself, but you have responsibilities

But sis…

I need you to understand that as a multi-dimensional black wombman, either you preserve yourself or die trying.

Burnout is real. Mental fog is real. Depression is real. Autoimmune diseases are real. Intergenerational trauma is real. And knowing this, you know having healthy boundaries is essential. When I add someone to my “block club” on social media, I end up feeling better about myself because I know I am reinforcing my boundaries. 

6. Crystal healing 

Crystals can help protect against negative energies, unresolved trauma, cleanse and clear your space or home when worn on your person, and wayyy more! 

My favorite stone above all, known as the self-love stone, is Rose Quartz. I used this stone for self-care and womb healing. When I was going through a breakup, diagnosed with PCOS, and in a state of lack, prayers and my rosey (rose quartz) helped me through that turbulent time. Found my first apartment and got approved without a cosigner, got new and higher paying job, and healed my pcos with alternative meds (after ditching the estrogen bc pills).

7. Honor your ancestors

Here are a few ways you can honor or acknowledge your ancestors or dead relatives:

  1. Get to know about them, how they were when they were alive. (If you can’t find anybody to ask, you can always meditate on them or start checking death records, ancestry sites, etc)
  2. Pray to them (an honorable ancestor, yes!)

So far, 2020 has been a ghetto a** year, and trust and believe I’ve been on soo many edges of losing my cool. So if there are any tips I may have missed or if these helped you in some way, let me know in the comments below!

With love,