The clock was going to strike midnight soon, making it a new day and a new year. Jan 1, 2014, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a small party at my house, with a few close friends, food, and the newly debuted drink CÎROC Amaretto. Some friends had come and gone for the night, being sure to get home before people started shooting to bring in the new year. To them it was “traditional”. But in some neighborhoods, it’s a mix of bullets where most go in the air and some…don’t. 

After most of my friends had left, my sister and I sat on the floor and continued to talk about our dreams. 

Me: Sis, I’m thinking about starting a blog. I just want to share my experiences and help other women…

Her: Dang, I was just thinking the same thing, but a Twitter account.

Me: Are you serious? You lyin’

Her: Bible.

We spent the rest of the night brainstorming ideas for our new “inspiration blogs”. From there, birthed Sidechick Chronicles (the original name before, Unspoken Chronicles©)


I was 18, when I entertained the idea that I wanted to share my story in order to inspire and empower other black women to heal from trauma. I wanted to write a book, start a blog, be a motivational speaker, but I did not want to expose myself. I was so used to holding my experiences in the shame box (plus, the people who’d known what I had gone through, were the only people who needed to know, or so I thought.)  At such a young age, “healing” was such a foreign concept to me. So, instead of “coming out directly”or speaking in first person, I decided to speak in third. I would go on to create a series called, SideChick Chronicles.

I blogged about dealing with depression and anxiety, and even some christian motivation (Scriptures, bible verses) every now and then. But Sidechick Chronicles would become the most viewed, shared, and commented on series on my blog. People wanted more of that content and slowly, but surely, I delivered. However, as time went on, my direction, visions, and passions had changed. I had more growing, learning, and living in my truth to do, if I was really going to “help” other women heal from their traumas.

The Wombman Unspoken would become a distant memory instead of a present passion for the next 5 years. 

With learning life lessons, came a lot of ugly truths. Facing those truths gave me the courage to write this (Feb, 24th, 2019) and publish it today (May 8th, 2020). I was reminded through my human experience, I am here for spiritual reasons: to heal myself, while healing others. I realize that there is too much as stake, to be throwing in the towel every time the mess looks like it’s too big to clean up. In other words, there was always going to be some opp that comes as a distraction. 

And to think, I was just crying hours ago looking up at the Sun asking “What’s wrong with me?” 

So, If you find yourself: 

  • Needing a healthy way to express yourself (to an audience that is neutral)
  • Want to bring awareness to a topic that you are passionate about
  • Just wanting to make some extra cash on the side

Consider starting a blog. It can help you grow as a person and professionally. You’ll make friends you never knew you needed and open yourself to a new realm of opportunities.

I believe that I had to go through those life experiences in order to be able to write this with courage, confidence, and the willingness to commit, today. I’m still learning of what living unspokenly, looks like to me.

How does that contribute to helping other women stand in the power of their truth without having to say a word? I’m sure the answer will arrive soon through meditation. 

I think this will be the resumption of a beautiful healing journey. 

Rebirthed from the Earth, 

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